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I'm one of you.

I had meningitis (viral) when I was 9 years old. From that episode on, I have been suffering from migraines. I've quit calling them headaches, because they aren't. They are migraines. I am sick, my head hurts, light hurts,sound hurts, vomiting from being sick makes it hurt worse, and nothing seems to help.

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I am on butorphinal spray (please spare me from the bounce back information and the addiction stuff, I've heard it all before). It's the only thing that works, from time to time. I have tried everything. I'm too the point that if someone told me that standing on my head in a bucket of warm bull piss would help, I'd try it. Cold piss as well. It's amazing, the insurance will pay for the nasal spray, which I know is expensive, as I at one time had no insurance and had to pay for everything out of pocket. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to have insurance now. I am grateful.

However, they will not pay for the botox injections that my neurologist truly believes will help me. Apparently, I do not have proof that I have migraine headaches as least 14 days a month. How do they know? I have documented it, sent it in, my neuro wrote a letter... Some pencil pushing geek has decided that I'm not a candidate. I don't wish any ill will on anyone. However, I wish the people that make these decisions could experience what we go through for just 30 seconds before they decide how our lives should be lived.

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