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Have y’all seen those “sunglasses” they sell for driving at night to reduce glare? First I’m sure as all of those late night products they are cheap crap, but I have been doing this for years!

First let me explain…if I can help it I don’t drive with a Migraine unless I HAVE TO! Second I shoot guns, skeet and target, and the shooting community have different types of lenses for all types of weather. Now I have very dark like most glasses but I also have some that are very lightly yellow tinted for over cast or low light. Now when I have a a bad Migraine and have to drive home at night I’m sure most of you know oncoming head lights are like knives! So I wear these no tint, but GLARE RESISTENT glasses when I have to! Now it’s not a miracle, but it’s better that looking away from the road as every car passes!

The one bad bit of news… get what you pay for, don’t go to Wallword, all mine are the ones with the letter ” O ” on the side! ( $100 to 200) If you can’t afford those try a sporting goods store or fishing place. Just don’t get any thing at all dark, you should be able to clearly see your eyes in a mirror!

Just my 2 cents…

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  • Writermom
    5 years ago

    This is a good idea, Damon. Thanks for suggesting it. The car lights kill me. I always wear my prescription sunglasses when I’m out of the house because I am so light-sensitive, including when I’m out at night. The sunglasses have no glare on them, and they really help, but they DO make things rather dark at night.

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