Another Who Inherited The Headache

I am 64, in my 48th year of migraines. My mother said that her father used to come in from the fields with terrible headaches and all the children had to be quiet. My son had his first migraine at 10. Mine are under rather good control now with Topamax and Imitrex. I had no migraines while pregnant.

As soon as I develop an aura I rush to take my medicine and suffer through it until it goes away, which it usually does, so I don't miss work any longer. Once in a great while I must lie down with ice bags and try to go to sleep, which is the only way to escape the dreadful pain. For years before Imitrex the only thing I could do was go to hospital for shots of Demerol and Phenergan and then sleep it off, but there was residual pain for days. In those days I spent a lot of time on the floor in my office, having people drive me home because the pain was so severe, and spent days in bed begging people not to move me or cook (the smell would affect me) or open the blinds.)

Migraines absolutely controlled my life. I am really afraid after reading comments where people say that the Topamax and Imitrex no longer work for them - so far it has for me. But I have a wonderful neurologist who has finally helped me. greatly.

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