The Beginning of Aura

I'm 44 now but it started when I was 12. I was into freestyle bmx, skateboards doing tricks jumping that kinda stuff. Loved to jump and get as much air as possible. One day visiting family my cousin pulls out a pogoball. I jump and took this is cool. I'm jumping off the wall, up and down off the sidewalk. Next thing I know I'm heading to the street head first. I clipped the curb with the bottom of the pogoball and it slips from under me and throws me off balance. I fall forehead first landing on top left of my head at the hair line. Cousins freak out. I get up right away. It kinda hurt. I feel many times with my bike before but not this hard. I didn't pass out. I get up and my cousins were I almost popped out her head. She said you have a big bump pointing to my forehead. I feel it and yup big one. I wasn't in pain but go tell my parents. They give me aspirin and keep an eye on me. I'm good no problems. Next morning it starts. I can't swallow. I can only sweat on right side of my body.

Then next day in the warm weather on the way home. Migraine starts. Never had before. I see bright squiggly lines with zig zags in them. Pain around my eye. Mom gives me more pain pills but don't help. Hour later I throw up and notice the pain starts to go away. Throw up 3 more times before it's completely gone. Ever since then when my temp goes up or get too stressed or get gassy. I get one. So every other day or so. Nothing really helps but rolaids advance. Them and CBD help the most.

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