Is there a life real life with migraines??

I have seen doctor after doctor.Neurologists,migraine specialists,pain management experts all to no avail.I had a very mild stroke at the age of 40 just over six years ago and at that stage had being living with migraines for over 10 years..Luckily it was very mild and I recovered well with only some mild weakness in my left arm and the occasional slurred speech..I am on pain meds of various kinds most days.150 mg topomax twice daily and several other kinds of meds including other triptans..After the the stroke I was told I had m.s because they found at least up to 20 large legions on my brain and a lot of white matter so I lived with that diagnosis for several months only to be told that the matter and legions were all from the migraine and pressing on certain nerves in my brain and that was why my headaches were so bad .So basically I'm saying insist in M.R.I if you have to go private .Whitfield in Waterford only charge 200 euro and it will be the best money u ever spend..Only for I asked for 2nd opinion i don't know where I'd be now.U only need G.P referal letter to get an appointment..Good luck.

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