Is this ANOTHER migraine symptom or TMJ

My headaches are almost daily, but they’re only debilitating two or three times a month. My headaches became chronic 4 months ago. Before that I thought they were sinus headaches, but then I had 2-3 headaches a week.

The only consistent pain free large block of time for me during the day is the first hour I'm awake . I'm on Topamax 125 mg a day. My ears start to ring along with my head pain. I have almost a constant dull mild headache. On top of that, I have NUMEROUS stabbing pains in my eye & ear. Then there's the BIG PRESSURE behind my eyes or ears that hurts like crazy for 2 minutes and then gradually relents. That hits me about 3 times an hour. My pain isn't as severe as the ice pick or cluster- I'm not tough enough to be in that club anyway. I'm researching Occipital neuralgia and cervicogenic headaches since many times my pain starts at the top of my neck. I also have the shooting, zapping pains behind my eyes and occasionally in my ears.

Yesterday just turning my neck to back the car down the driveway to drive the kids to school may have been a trigger. It was dark and the headlights of the other vehicles were irritating to my eyes also.

After that, I had a doctors appointment and while waiting in his exam room my pain level increased and light sensitivity heightened so I turned off the lights. When he was finished discussing my treatment, he asked a nurse to give me a shot for pain.

I got home and for some reason I clenched my teeth. Immediately, a sharp pain shot through my ear and jaw. This hasn't happened before. I do not have any unresolved dental issues.

Today, when I clench my teeth I have no jaw pain? Why did it hurt yesterday but not today?

FWIW, I've never had a problem with grinding my teeth at night, never been diagnosed with TMJ, and I've never had any jaw problems.

Help a newbie out!

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