It's all in your head

I started having severe headaches when I was in my early teens.  I missed more days of school than I should have.  I used  to eat Tylenol like candy just to try and alleviate some of the pain.  I went to high school in a run down dirty leaky mausoleum that had seen better days and was full of mold.  The gym was on the top floor and eventually was condemned due to it developing a 1/2 foot hole almost in center court.  Three years after I graduated they tore it down completely.

I never started having headaches until I went to this school so my mother figured it was the mold in the school. After bringing me to our GP for the 100th time, I was sent to a headache specialist.  She got me to track when I had the pain, how severe, food eaten etc..  Finally after doing this for 2 months her diagnosis was... "IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD".  DUH!!  When I showed her my charts she'd point to blank spaces and say "you never had one here...or here...or here or this whole week".  I tried to explain that well, I don't go to school on the weekends and in March there's this thing called "March Break".  No school then either.


Eventually my mother got tired of her unwillingness to help and we ended back at the GP who sent me to a neurologist. Within weeks I was diagnosed with classic migraines. He didn't think food was my trigger so he did some more tests and sent me to other specialists. Finally some answers.  I have severe scent sensitivities and my main trigger turned out to be the lighting in the class rooms.

Flash forward a "few" years. Driving to work, started having numbness in my face and down my left arm. It felt like electricity or the feeling you get when you come out of freezing at the dentist. Vision got blurry.. I started freaking out. I'm having a stroke was my first thought. Called home, told everyone I loved them etc..  Ended up in hospital, another neurologist..diagnosis...Acephalgic migraine, commonly called silent ones. Was put on frovatriptan. Worked for awhile and now present day, On January 9th fell over my dog in the dark(he's black) hit my head off the staircase. Wasn't that bad so I thought. Two days later I experienced the worst migraine I've ever had. blurred vision, light/sound aversion, raised BP, dizziness and the pain was like someone was squeezing the top of my head with both hands. Ended up in the clinic. Was told I did have a mild concussion but what I was experiencing was symptoms of a classic migraine. Was told to go home and take my meds. Meds didn't work so now almost a month later I am still experiencing pain everyday.. considering a piercing that could possibly help and am currently awaiting ANOTHER specialist appointment...Some days I wish it WAS all in my head..

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