It's Just A Headache...

I feel like I am lucky that my migraines didn't start until I was 26 years old. I'd had headaches before, but that was it. In fact, this all started with just a headache. Initially, I could make the pain stop with aspirin and a nap. Then it was a Tylenol 3. Then nothing would take the pain away.... and finally it turned into Chronic Daily Migraine, Chronic Daily Headache, Cluster Headaches, and Hemiplegic Migraine. I was a very active woman, married to a military man, living overseas and loving life. No one could find a cause for the pain, nor could they find a cure. Every doctor I saw ran the same tests as the ones before, with the same results. They could find nothing wrong with me, yet the pain continued. We eventually got sent home from overseas, and we spent the rest of my husband's career in the states, near large hospitals. My husband has been my rock, my advocate, and my hero. He accompanies me to every appointment, holding my hand, asking questions, and keeping track of my meds.

I don't tell a lot of people about my condition, because when I first shared it with friends, they couldn't understand how I could qualify for Disability for "just a headache". They said I was "lucky" I didn't have to work, and they would love to stay home and get paid for it. My own stepfather told me that he gets headaches too, and I need to stop being so dramatic. I try to explain, but I get cut off. I have gotten to the point where I do my best to hide the pain, force myself to do more than I should, and only let my husband know I'm in pain when I can't possibly hide it anymore. It's very isolating, having to avoid things that trigger the pain. I don't have any close friends, because I keep having to cancel plans.

I have tried every medicine, taken every test, even did Botox shots (My fourth round is next month, still no relief) and nothing changes the pain. I work very hard to stay positive, but there are days... Well, there are days. I cannot tell you how much respect I have for everyone on this page, and how much gratitude I have for every uplifting article. It keeps me going, keeps me hoping.

Thank you.

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