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It's winning but I am not giving up

Hi my name is debbie and I am new but have taken part in botox discussion.

I live in ireland. I last told you that I was getting my 7th session of botox. 6th did not take and I went down very quickly and was in bed 24/7 . I can maybe keep down toast or some cereal but that's it. Fortunately I can keep hydrated (this was my big problem and after 3 visits to my gp in as few days I would then be admitted to hospital for hydration and pain relief)one year I was admitted six times and one stay was for a month. I can now stay hydrated and have not been in hospital for the past two years but have come very very close at times.if needed I can call my consultant in the hospital or my gp and they will arrange admission for me.

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I started botox March 2013 and it gave me back a life. I could do small things like shopping and making dinner to start with and day by day it go better so much that I could go out with my husband or go shopping with my teenage girls. It seems a small thing to some people but if you live with migraine you will know how big it is. Got more botox two weeks ago and I can feel it working but I went down again like a ton of bricks and am only coming back to me now. I am at the horrible hangover stage. This time it has got me down.

Normally I am so strong fighting it. I don't complain always say it will be better tomorrow. Guilt as well as my 17 year old daughter is on school holidays and has ended up cooking etc. What I should be at and my 15 year daughter is doing her state exams and I am in bed. I have let everybody down and it's tearing me apart.

My neurologist advises 100% oxygen for 15 mins then inject sumatriptan with stematal for nausea. Has any one ever tried this. I have also booked a family cruise in the med for a week and a weekend stay over in Venice in Italy in 7 weeks time as I was doing so well and we deserved it. Now I am scared stiff And am working myself up into a tizz although I am so looking forward to it. I am already sorting outfits.i apologize for the long story but I can see hope going out the windows and a depression and hopelessness coming in the door. It's winning but I am not giving up.

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