I've been saved by my diet!

After suffering for 40 years (58 year old female), and trying numerous meds, massage, physical therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, biofeedback, and although Zomig works extremely well for me but I was taking them almost daily, I changed my diet. A gluten and dairy-free diet turned out to be a miracle, reducing my daily migraines by about 85% and the severity has also decreased. This was almost immediate, too. I'm still learning what is and is not gluten-free and alcohol of any kind is a definite NO. Severe changes in weather seem to be bothersome. I am also on the Nuvaring for hormone replacement therapy and every time I try to get off of it or change to a different HRT, I get severe migraines. I may have to be on the Nuvaring until I die! Yikes! Anyway, the diet has worked for me the last 1 1/2 months. I do not have Celiacs disease. My doctor at the Neuro Science Center advised me to continue this for six months before we discuss discontinuing Topamax, Migravent and Propranalol. I hope this is helpful to others in the migraine world!

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