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Just a fellow migraineur

I have suffered from migraines for about 8 years and I am a mother of 3 wonderful children who understand that I have an illness. I have had frequent trips to the emergency room (at least 3 to 4 per year). Some good and some bad. However, my migraines are attributed to an extremely abusive relationship. My ex used to use my head as a punching bag for years (there are no bruises when you get hit in the head) so no one knew. As a result I now have progressed from chronic headaches to migraines. Thankfully, it has been years since I escaped that relationship. I have been through most of the treatments for migraines, including medications, counseling and different forms of biofeedback and other treatments. I have gone through many of he medications, including herbalists and alternative medicine. However, one of the biggest issues I have repeatedly had is with the emergency room. I have been treated as a drug seeker and told that I was just experiencing a bad headache. When all I wanted was the pain cycle to stop. My migraines have lasted for days and at times keep me bedridden. I have changed doctors and neurologists many times and now I think I have finally found a doctor who will listen and understands my migraines. I also suffer from severe anxiety, PTSD, and depression. I am very thankful that this forum enables others to talk about their own personal story and that sometimes the cause of their migraines are not their fault.

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