I am 60 and had my first migraine the day after I started my menses at age 12. Fortunately, my mother and paternal grandmother also experienced migraines so my family was well educated and sensitive to this cursed disease. Both of these women died of massive strokes, which is a very real worry of mine. After a visit to family physician, I was prescribed Midrin. My mother advised me to avoid sharing with others about my migraines, as they would not understand or have any sympathy. That advice stuck so only a few of my closest friends ever knew. I was well into my relationship with my husband before I shared my 'secret' malady. My very worst migraines occurred in nursing school. I often threw up before clinicals in hospital parking lots! My life changed dramatically when my neurologist tried beta blockers about 25 years ago. When Imitrex was released, I used the injections. However, as I have aged the old aura of the visual light show has changed. Now, I rapidly become extremely fatigued and can sleep for 10 or more hours. Otherwise, I am somewhat of an insomniac. I control my migraines with beta blockers, Effexor LA and Relpax. My primary trigger is weather related: low pressure systems. Living in the very Deep South is challenging!

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