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Katherine Journey

I have migraines since I was ten years old. My Mother would give me Manasavit wine so I would sleep. The Migraines were so bad that I missed a lot of school and was held back a year.

I never had biological children, but have an adopted daughter. So I did not get the advantage of my migraines being lessen.

At 38 I was put on a med to stop my menstrual cycle. I have tried many many meds to lessen my migraines. And even have had 7 surgery.

At present I am involved with a drug trial, and taking Naltrexone, and my migraine score has been reduce 5%. I know that does not sound like much but when you had an average of 20 to 25 migraines a month it means I great deal to me.

Wishing you all a reduce in your migraines

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