Is Keto my happy ending?

I almost titled this 'cured!' I've thought that a few times in my 15 year struggle with chronic migraines. So, while I don't want to jinx myself I am more than cautiously optimistic after passing the three week mark with no migraines after starting a ketogenic diet.

Several years ago I quit a 6 figure job in IT because of migraine escalation that Drs seemed to only make worse. I've seen specialists around the country, have tried more medicines, alternative therapies and hybrid approaches than I can count. Neurontin, topamax, Botox and antidepressants were the latest round. Chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral and trigger point massage, reflexology, allergy testing of all kinds, naturopaths. Hospital visits with IV drips leaving me feeling like I've been run over by a truck the next day. And all of this punctuated with doctor visits disbelieving that I'm unable to work because of migraines-- because migraines are not recognized as 'disabling'. If I have a migraine every other day, combined with the postdromal and predromal phases, that equals zombie! If your own neurologist does not comprehend this who is left. This would bring on the questions of taking 'too much' medication. Please. Due to the way my body would process meds (not at all unless its bedtime) I'd get to prescription refill time and not even have used 90 percent. But it's the trust factor- missing; and the realization doctors do not know what to do for us. As a friend job hunting is fond of saying right now-- it's throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks.

So, with my ten minute window of brain power every other night I would google for migraine cures. And now I search for refinements to Keto diet and how cellular sugar metabolism can get so broken its best to replace with ketone metabolism. Even though I was a week into my brain working again (plus energy! Unheard of!) I went ahead and kept my first appointment with a psychiatrist because- well, haven't tried that yet. (I have been going to counseling- recommended by current neurologist! Still migraines.) The psychiatrist chats with me to get my history and asks if I might research online too much; there is misinformation out there. I say perhaps but it's all I have energy to do. No one is coming to save me. And I may have just cured myself.

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