At last some relief from frequent chronic migraines

For 18 years I have been a frequent sufferer of severe chronic migraines frequently spending as many as 15 days a month in agony in a darkened room with vomiting.

Although previously I suffered from tension headaches and menstrual migraine they did not become a feature in my life until I reached 44 . since then and throughout the whole period I have been searching for a solution and have visited hundreds of Doctors, Migraine specialists, neurologists, neurological hospitals, homeopaths, osteopaths, acupuncturists, naturopaths, herbalists, Chinese doctors, hypnotists etc. Without success.

During the whole of this period I was trying out different medications and preventatives that didn't work , sometimes a new medication was effective for the initial first month but it's effectiveness quickly diminished. Triptans gave me temporary relief followed by a severe rebound migraine and horrible side effects, beta blockers gave me numb fingers and toes and no relief, painkillers gave me overuse rebound headaches between attacks, Botox made me worst not better. In fact medication with its side effects occasionally gave temporary relief initially if at all, but made me even iller after a while with unpleasant side effects.

Two years ago, when yet another medication gave me frightening and uncontrollable tremors I became scared to continue taking any more prescribed medications. The overall side effects from medications which I was subjected too over the years had been really horrendous.

I had also given up alcohol at the onset of migraines, chocolate and cheese, all to no avail.

I got to the stage where my whole system was toxic from taking such a medley of prescription drugs over a prolonged period. I could feel it, migraines plus a toxic sensation in my head , and acute head pain every day.

That was when I finally realised that Doctors were not able to help me and that I would have to help myself. By chance I came across an old publication called 'the liver detox plan ' this is a book written by Xandria Williams which you can still purchase on Amazon . If you follow it strictly and stick to it you get enormous relief within a few days , and I'm not exaggerating. It is fantastic for tackling overuse of painkillers and general medication, no ill effects on the contrary fast relief. It appears hard to follow but my goodness when you have reached the end of your tether and do not know which way to turn it is a blessing. Basically it means eating no processed foods at all , just fresh protein fruit and veg and whole brown rice. Lovely healthy food which tastes great and quickly improves your overall health.

This is not a migraine cure but it is certainly a method of making yourself feel far healthier.

Since I threw out prescribed medication the only drug that I use at the onset of an attack now is the over the counter Solphedeine plus effervescent pills (NOT TO BE USED MORE THAN 8 DAYS IN ANY MONTH AND NEVER MORE THAN THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS). Remarkably I have found that they frequently abort an attack altogether or reduce the severity from ten down to about four or five. I also use a homeopathic remedy 'argen nit 1 million' at the onset of an attack and any anxiety, and every morning I take 2 homeopathic remedies for prevention of migraines, carcinosin 30c pills ,and chelidonium 3c.

The migraines have not gone away by any means but the dreadful nausea has
and with the help of the above recommendations I am overjoyed to mostly have far less severity so that I can actually tolerate light and even sit up in bed with a book when I am ill these days, which is a huge improvement over being pinned to the bed in a dark room with a sick bucket and acute head , eye, and neck trauma for 48-72 hours at a time.

I hope this recommendation will help someone.

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