Had to leave work. . .again.

Do you ever feel like you are "making the whole thing up"? Or that it is "all in your head" (no pun intended).

Today isn't a pain day, just pressure & the inability to focus & comprehend, a bit of tingling in my face & hands. I got new medicine-Cambria. I used it once for migraine pain & it actually worked so I tried it at work today even though I had no pain to speak of.. Went & sat in a dark relatively quiet room for an hour & a half. Didn't really feel different but decided to try to work. Still not comprehending so I told my boss I was going home & even though he knew what was going on he asked "why?" I feel like a child whose parent is questioning you about being sick.

I talked with my neurologist about this last week because even on"good" days I feel like I have lost some of my cognitive ability since March when I had my first migraine that included this type of aura. I am going for a neuro psych test but I can't get in until October so in the mean time I worry every day that I am going to have an "episode" as I call them & I worry I am going to lose my job. I'm just soo frustrated & find myself crying because of it.

So now I'm off to my dark room to hopefully sleep thru it. We're supposed to put in an offer on a new house tonight.

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