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In April I had the pleasure of visiting my new neurologist. Oh boy I thought, I can’t wait. Not. Well color me surprised, he was helpful and ‘good’. We recently moved and I had to find a new neurologist because I needed my med’s. I was just hoping to ‘escape’ with a brief visit and my prescription but my new doctor TALKED to me about my migraines. WOW. He told me he had a ‘plan’ for me and hopefully in one year I would be headache free. Where do I sign up? He even took blood work. This was a television first. But I am digressing. Part of my new plan was to start taking a particular brand of multivitamin. Ok, sounds good to me. I take vitamins. He told me to stop taking all the vitamins I was currently taking and to just take the ones he recommended. At this point in my life I would do anything to get rid of my migraines. Stand in the corner on my head for 30 minutes? No problem. If that would make the pain go away….again, sign me up!

The name of the multivitamin is…… drum roll please! “HeadacheFree Complete Multivitamin”. (HeadacheFree is one word). There are three (3) reddish flowers on the bottle. I want you to know this as there are many headache vitamins sold. I am to take one in the morning and one at night. I am here to tell you I am feeling “pretty” good. I am not headache free yet. But I am feeling much much better. They are a product of a board certified neurologist. You get them online.

As an aside, I do keep a headache journal. I can hear you groaning now. It is best if you try to do this. Just get a simple calendar and write yes or no in the little squares. There is no need to write the story of your life in each square every day. Yes you have a headache or no headache and a yay. Since I started the vitamin routine there have been a lot more yays. I think it is important to track how you are feeling. I am getting better. On the days I forget to take my vitamins I do not feel so well. I get that ‘feeling’… you all know what I am taking about. Where are my rescue drugs?

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