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My name is Colette and I'm 31 years old and have had migraines since I was 6 and chronic daily migraines for 5 years.
My whole life is dictated by my migraines- my activities have stopped, I can't work, I can't go out, or have too much fun since it will trigger a horrible migraine.
I am on disability because my migraines are so severe. My migraines are normally accompanied by an aura, light/sound/smell sensitivity, and nausea.

But now I have a new "symptom" that is extremely scary- I have spasms that cause my whole body to twitch or jerk. It starts with my head jerking back like somebody attached a string to the back of my skull and pulls suddenly. Then it advances to my whole body twitching painfully.
My doctor says it a "migraine phenomenon" and could potentially turn into seizures.
This new symptom is very concerning and adds another layer of stress to an already super stressful migraine life.
I am also a single parent to a 11 year old son who not only suffers from migraines as well but my son is a cancer survivor with 4 years in remission.
I feel like my migraines are past the point of finding an effective treatment but I hope I (and my son's doctors) can find something that can help my son's migraines.
Thank you.

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