Life After Chronic Migraine? YES!

I check in here occasionally. I still get a lot of headaches. But it used to be so much worse. There were years when the pain went on all day, all night every day. I would take just about any crazy drug my neurologists would want to try. Nothing worked very well. Most had horrible side effects. Practically all of them were expensive. I took tricyclic antidepressants and beta blockers for 25 years and I gained more than 75 pounds. Life was really hard. But I just want to tell everyone who suffers with this unbearable affliction that it can get better. About 5 years ago, after 23 years of unbearable chronic migraine, my headaches began to change. I would wake up with a bad migraine most days as usual, but the pain would ease after a few hours. After a few months the headaches got even shorter, after a couple years most days I woke up without headache at all. I'm nearly certain the reason for my remission is menopause. Don't give up hope!

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