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Life Changing Migraine Surgery

Dr Khorsandi @ The Migraine Relief Center in Houston, Tx has saved my life. I've been suffering from migraines x20years, including a cardiac arrest from a basilar artery migraine. I found Dr Khorsandi on the internet, desperately seeking any new possibilities available. I was desperate and took a leap of faith and made an appointment. Within 3 weeks of my 1st office visit, I am migraine free.

I had forgotten how great life was & now is again. I had been hospitalized 4-6 times/year, tried every preventative and abortive meds on the market, had good results with Botox but was too expensive to maintain. Suicidal thoughts had also started constantly popping into my head. I'm a mom, a wife, & an ICU RN....all of these had been put on "hold" and taken 2nd seat to my migraine. 9 out of 10 days, my life was spent in a cold, dark, & quiet bedroom. It's amazing to realize how much life I was missing.

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When your in the downward spiral of a continuous migraine, all of your focus is on the pain & how to stop it. I thank God that my husband is a patient man & that my son is 12, Dr Khorsandi has given me time to repair our relationships. The lost time is gone & can not be replaced. Please don't hesitate to at least look into it. They have several offices in other states, go to for more information. It's worth a call to see if there is any available options to end your migraine suffering.

Of course, all migraines are not alike and can't all be treated in the same way. He has healing hands and a new approach to treating the debilitating disease of a migraine. He is compassionate and truly is in it for the patient and to end migraine suffering. My treatment included nerve blocks to my left side as a diagnostic tool. Within 10-15minutes, I was pain free and remained so for 7 days. After responding well to the nerve blocks, I was scheduled for nerve decompression surgery. I am currently 21 days post-op and have not had a migraine, not even a headache. It's unbelievable!!!

His staff is the most caring and hardworking team of office & nurses I've ever encountered! That says a lot coming from a medical professional. They will not disappoint! Good luck to all in the struggle of living with migraine pain.

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