Life Interrupted

I am writing you on what is is admittedly a very down day. I was supposed to be in Chicago for work and visiting my family this weekend but instead I'm lying in a dark room feeling depressed and sorry for myself.

I've had migraine since my mid-20s but the last few years they have gotten much worse. In looking for a trigger, they found an arachnoid cyst and I actually had brain surgery in February. The surgery went well but sadly the migraines have continued. I feel like I've tried most things out there and everything gives me some type of side effect. Relpax used to be my go-to magic pill but even that doesn't work all the time anymore. I've looked for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical remedies and today I swore I would make a list of all the things that sometimes help so I can go to that when things get bad.

I spent yesterday at Urgent Care which my wonderful husband left work to take me to. I'm so grateful that he's generally understanding and a great Advocate but I'm so tired of the toll these migraines take on my life. We have stopped entertaining it's hard to make plans and I just never know when I'm going to feel like crap. I'm wondering what others do too manage those super down days. I really just feel like sinking into the depression today knowing in a few days hopefully this will pass. Although I'm not sure that migraines will pass.

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