Life long fight where I have always given up.

I remember my first migraine like it was yesterday. I was in kindergarten and went to the nurse for a headache. I was sent back to class because I didn't have a fever. My teacher noticed that I wasn't functioning as I usually did and sent me home with the lunch lady who happened to live next door to me.

So began 27 years and counting of almost daily headaches. DAILY. My parents never took me to see a doctor about the headaches. My tolerance for the pain ebbed and waned through the years. I have moments where I feel completely at the end of my rope with 2 straight weeks with pain at a level 8. Past Neurologists dismissed it as hormones. Chiropractors sent me home feeling sore.

I am currently seeing a neuro and have been for a little over a year. I'm feeling at the end of my rope again. He tried botox twice, triptan drugs, blood pressure meds and steroids on me. None of it has decreased the pain. I suffer from depression and the chronic pain just makes it worse.

I want a normal life with my husband and daughter. I hate skipping fun events due to pain.

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