Life long and full circle

Hi, I'm a 44 year old woman who suffered abdominal migraine from aged 5 until around 17 it then became head migraine. I've just always dealt with each migraine when it comes. Over the last couple of years IV been having horrendous stomach pain and sickness for which IV twice been hospitalised and no conclusion come to. As I suffer from anxiety it's always put down to that. Don't they get this pain is real and horrendous. Two days ago it happened again!!!! I suffered for over 24 hours then couldn't cope and phoned nhs24. I was sent to the hospital again and told it's nothing serious could be Ur IBS or endometriosis. I know it was none of those. She gave me an anti sickness Jag and cocodamol. I had an amazing sleep then woke this morning, got up and after moving around it flared up again and nauseated so badly I was drinking just to be sick. Went to my mum's and she commented I looked just how I used to with my abdominal migraine. It hit me. That's how I knew this pain and nausea and sickness and dizziness and weakness so well.

These episodes are a comeback of abdominal migraine. So my husband went and got me migraleve pink I took two, slept for several hours and now feel like I actually want to eat and like I can cope with life. I can't believe the abdominal migraine has made a comeback. That actually terrifies me because I find them more debilitating than head migraine and I have three special needs kids to care for and a grandchild I share care of. I should have had him today as his other grandparents have a wedding tomorrow. I couldn't cope with my children let alone my lively twenty month old grandson. I now feel IV let everyone down. Husband had to take a day off work, let down other grandparents, couldn't take my elderly mum to a hospital appointment. So in comes the guilt and self loathing and thinking everyone hates you because a few hours ago you were dying and now seem perfectly fine.

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