Life long sufferer

Last updated: October 2013

I have had migraines since I was 6 months old.

I don't remember that one, but I have been told by many family members. I do remember being about 3 or 4 and having severe pain, sensitivty to light and sound, throwing up, and being miserable.

Well, things have not gotten better. I am under a neurologist's care who does not believe I have migraines. He has put me on a variaty of drugs, none of which has helped. I have 3 children and do not like taking anything that puts me in "a fog" where I can not take care of my kids.

I have changed my diet and lost 30 pounds, but that did not help my migraines. I have cut my hair and shaved my head from about the middle of my ears down to my neck hoping that would that would help. That helped cool me down in these Texas summers, but did not help my migraines. I try to sleep the same hours each night, but as a mom, that does not always happen. Not much helps. Sometimes, if I can, I go in the bedroom, get it very cold and as dark as I can and try to relax. Sometimes that helps.

My mother suffered from migraines. My sister has migraines and nothing much helps her. My 4 year old son has migraines and I have found that tylenol, ice cold water, a somewhat dark room, and rest will help him a little.

I hope his migraines do not reach the horrible level that mine have.

I am open to suggestions.

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