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Life of avoidance.

I feel I spend my most of my life avoiding fun. I avoid places that will have me sitting in the sun, so no sporting events, no beach and no 4th of July parties. I avoid alcohol so no beer after a hard day at work. I avoid Chinese food because MSG could be lurking there. I avoid sausage for the same reason so it’s plain pizza or just eggs in the morning. I no longer go to concerts because the loud music is a trigger. It’s the same reason I leave wedding receptions early. The smell of ammonia is a trigger so I avoid some cleaning products and have to hold my breathe in some restrooms. I avoid train rides and long trips because no seat is comfortable enough for a long trip.
Unfortunately all this avoiding has friends and family thinking I’m unsociable or disinterested or worse I’m avoiding them.

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  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Turok,

    I understand what you mean. I’ve tried hats to cut out the sun, but having to squint brings on migraine as does the heat. If you like to cook there are some awesome Asian recipes that can beat some of your favorite restaurants online (I’m sensitive as are my boys who have SPD and are aspies). If the crowds are not a trigger (they are for me), maybe ear plugs might help.

    My youngest son melts down in high noise levels, and we went through several versions that hurt his ears, and didn’t give him enough protection from the noise. Then we found one, literally called “World’s Finest Ear Plug” on Amazon. It’s reusable and moldable and if you ask him how his day was when he comes in from school, he can’t hear you till he takes them out, lol. We went from a stressed little boy to a smiling little boy. You could try them at home with maybe to see if they would help you in a high-volume music situation.

    It would be interesting, because migraine, SPD and aspbergers are all neurolical disorders, to see if the input and intervention differ. You’ll have to forgive my musing, I love tyring to figure out how the brain works 😀

    We’re glad you’re part of the community! -Warmly (and with ticking brain), Donna ( team)

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