Life of unpredictable pain

I am a migraine sufferer who is looking for help, support, and if possible, relief. I have had these headaches since I was in grade school (several years before puberty) and I still have them several years past having a hysterectomy (I am now aged 43). I have kept food diaries, tracked hormones, tracked the weather, tracked life in general, but have not been able to identify any reliable triggers. I have no predictors, no auras, no clue when an attack will happen ~ I simply wake up around 3 am or so with my head on fire.

My migraines are accompanied by violent nausea which defeats any attempt at taking medication in oral form.

Each attack can last between 1-3 days not counting the day it takes to recover.

I have missed numerous days of work and untold days with my family. I constantly cringe when making plans with friends because I feel so guilty when I have to cancel on account of "feeling bad". I hate not being able to function while in the grip of these debilitating episodes.

My last migraine had me vomiting so hard that I was left with a constant sharp pain in the center of my head that spiked every time I moved. I reported it to my doctor and he sent me in for an MRI to check for possible aneurysm. I write this now as I wait for the results of the scan. Another unknown in my long and helpless journey.

Part of me is desperate enough to wish the scan would show a tumor or some anomily that could be pinpointed as a cause because then there is hope that treating it will be a cure! I'm tired of fighting phantoms and shadows, give me something tangible, something with physical attributes worthy enough to render a perfectly healthy person helpless on a whim.

Let me SEE my opponent...

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