What Life? Part II

Some of you may recall the weepy, desperate story that I posted in mid-January. I received dozens and dozens of compassionate, supportive responses, each one letting me know that I wasn't alone in this absurd quest to quiet my 15 year history with migraines. You might remember that I rattled off every attempted remedy, pinterest hack, triptyline, preventative rx, holistic approach, non western method, ice, heat, manipulation, massage, injections, prayers, crying, suicidal thoughts, careless narcotic usage because I just didn't care anymore. I've tried it all. Each year the pain got worse and worse, my tolerance to meds grew higher and higher. While my friends/family's patience with me dwindles.

What I failed to mention in my original post is that throughout all of this, my primary care physician continued to offer birth control pills as an option. I refused. The thought of adding "one more pill" to my outrageous regime of pharmaceuticals annoyed me. Not to mention what birth control pills would do to my moods and/or my body in my mid-40's. I have a history with depression and at times it can be pretty dark. I'm terrified to monkey with anything that could trigger a downward spiral. I can somewhat recall being a little cray when I was on oral contraceptives in my 20's. But then again, I wasn't on any antidepressants then, so it's hard to gauge.

Regardless, I had (another) pitiful meltdown in my doctor's office in January, just sobbing. She just sat there, staring at me, feeling helpless. Again, suggested putting me on the pill. Out of exhaustion, I conceded. ((Sigh)) Fine. I'll try.

That was two months ago. I've taken one Maxaalt since then. Maybe one or possibly 2 migraines (or just bad tension headaches) since then. Still frequent, if not daily headaches, but NOTHING like before. If my pain level was at a 7 for hmmmm, about 2 years straight, I'd say overall my average pain level has been at about a 4 for the past eight weeks. My quality of life is back and I am absolutely thrilled. I am so happy! I was at the dr this week for a upper respiratory bug that required some antibiotics. Dr asks how I'm feeling. I answered, "AWESOME!!!" Then, I realized I hadn't given that answer in years. Here I am, sick with a sore throat and I'm telling her that I feel 'awesome!' :) I really, really wish I would have given this a chance years ago. Never in a million years would I have guessed that hormones were the culprit. I'm so mad at myself. But so, so happy, never the less.

I never thought I would get to this place...this place where severe, chronic pain wasn't a constant presence in my life. I've had a reprieve from the pain and it's incredible. My mood is lighter, I'm happier, I'm more productive, I'm more clear headed, I'm not consumed with obtaining pain relief. I don't feel like I constantly need it! It's so freeing and liberating.

I just wanted to share this. As with my need to share my misery and pain a few months ago, I also felt compelled to share this encouraging story of relief as well. Maybe someone else will benefit from hormone therapy and will find relief as I did. I only wish I'd have tried it sooner.

All the best.

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