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What is life without Migraines?….

Hey guys, my names Jess. I’m 18 and I’ve been a Chronic migraine sufferer since the age of 7. Up until I was 14, migraines were a frequent, but not constant, issue for me. When I was in Primary School, I spent 18 months migraine-free but then from the age of 14, Migraines became a constant issue. I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraines and Cluster Headaches and given the long list of medications to try with no luck. About two years ago, I got hit by a really bad patch that would put me in bed for a month straight and then decrease in severity but quickly the severe migraines became my constant. Nearly three years on, I’m stuck with a constant battle. I haven’t been able to work or go to College for the last two year. Most days are spent in bed with my black out blind and ear plugs.

I’ve recently had my second round of Botox Injections – with no relief. I coming to the end of the 3rd month of the second round. My Neurologist won’t be giving me a 3rd round in the next few weeks due to the fact that I have had no relief from the other two. I think Nerve blocks are my next option.

Anyone have any advice on what I should look at? Has anyone had no relief from botox but found something that does help? Please let me know.

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  • noelle_elissa
    3 years ago

    I also didnt find relief from botox shots they actually made the migriane worse

  • noelle_elissa
    3 years ago

    I am sorry to hear you have had no relief,we are kinda in the same boat i am 15 and i have had a constant migraine for five months i did have one in may that lasted three months. I had to unenroll from highschool and stop sports because of it. My neurologist has diagnosed me with chronic migraine as well because no medicine has worked
    Here is somethings to try that I have done now some have kinda helped.
    My best option was a Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) its a very easy procedure it doesnt hurt at all it takes less then 15 minutes.
    Then there is DHE now this drug i dont like it caused me to have a seizure but thats because i am allergic to a lot of things now this drug has helped a lot of people.
    Next nerve block shots not gonna lie those things hurt but they give some relief for me two hours for my cousin two weeks.
    What doctor are you seeing?
    I go to Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s they also have an adult Barrow Neurological at Saint Joe’s this is all in Arizona they are one of the top Neurological Institute in the states. My cousin who is 25 has the chronic migraine but she has a cyst that mimics a tumor and she goes to Mayo Clinic Neurology and they do all this procedures for adults

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    3 years ago

    It breaks my heart to hear when someone so young is struck with Chronic Migraines. It limits what you can do and makes it hard to plan your future. Let me see if I can give you some suggestions. This article includes a ton of options from medication to natural methods:

    If Botox isn’t working, nerve blocks make sense to try. You’ll feel immediate relief. Almost like your head is numb. However the effects don’t last as long as Botox is supposed to.

    What type of abortive medication do you use? A lot of people are using DHE when triptans don’t work. DHE comes in a shot form. The proper name is dihydroergotamine. This article has a little more info about it.

    What kind of doctor are you seeing? There’s a class of neurologists who are Headache Specialists, only seeing Migraine and Headache patients. They are the best equipped to deal with your illness. Here’s more info:

    I hope this helps. You may also want to visit our Forums section (under the Community heading) where you can ask others about meds, procedures or treatments they have tried.

    -Katie Moderator

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