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Life without migraines

Life without migraines. I don’t have to imagine what it would be like without migraines. In 1992 I discovered a technique for my “aura” migraines. I haven’t had a headache since then except the day I wondered if I’d still get a headache without the technique. Bad experiment. The technique only works with “migraine with aura” not common migraine. Is life good? Yes, I never have to worry about the pain, being incapacitated for 10-12 hours, missing life events, or the day after grogs. Loving life.

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    That’s amazing that you’ve found a way to deal with your Migraines! Do you still get the aura, but are able to work through it now or are you Migraine-free?

    I wish you well!

  • David author
    5 years ago

    Hi Katie,
    Sorry about the delay. I still get the aura (had one about an hour ago). But…no headache.
    If you were in the Tampa area, I’d get with you and give you the technique as I have for hundreds of others.

    One of my acquaintances wants to market it…cheaply, so I can’t send it via e-mail any more. I hope to have it up in two-three months. I love helping folks.


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