Lifelong struggle

I was officially diagnosed at age 36. The doctors try, but others in your life don't get it. It runs your life. I am on intermittent FMLA at work, but the loss of time is very upsetting to there. People can't understand why you can't function with a "headache". There is in social life, because you can't make plans, each day depends on your head.

I wish there was more awareness so those in our lives could understand, I have a wonderful husband of 47 years, but he has no more patience for it and isn't very helpful during the bad days, he thinks you can just "tough it out".

Drs have always sad it gets better after menopause...... No such luck, it got worse.

I'm not asking for a cure or sympathy, just for others to realize this is a disease we have no control over.

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