Migraine "lifer"

The pain began with puberty and has continued to plague me my whole life long. I sit here, hurting again, with the inability to eat anything in 24hrs yet again because of severe nausea, waiting on my emory nurse practitioner to web email me back on what to do. I'm barely holding down water.

Topomax and Maxalt barely do anything, nothing else seems to work yet because of all the abuse from strangers in the Georgia and surrounding states, no pain meds are hardly given out. So I just have to ride out the pain.

Yesterday I had to go home early from work again because of the pain and stress causing me to "black out" again. The doctors lable that as "idiopathic vasovagal syncope". I'll be lucky if I'm not fired now.

Really, having migraines isn't my fault. I try my best but I can't afford much because I'm not rich nor powerful or have the resources other people do.

So I lose... and I hurt... and hurt and hurt....

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