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Somewhere along the way I must’ve signed up for the lifetime migraine account, and I can’t get out of my contract. I started getting these miserable things at 19 years old. My first M with aura , I thought I had food poisoning because it was right after I ate a big Mac. It’s been all downhill from there.

I’ve tried everything in my journey Short of Botox. They come in clusters, where I have a run of them ,many in a month and then they’ll disappear for a month or two. #BAL seems to be the worst time of year. So I take an additional Zyrtec every day during this time. I’ve had limited success with Maxalt and I am on a daily dose of amitriptyline every day. The amitriptyline over the years have really helped. When I got pregnant I stopped taking it because it’s dangerous. I figured I was OK not to go back on it. But after I gave birth to my daughter within a month the migraines were back and worse than ever. It was right before Christmas and every store I went into triggered a migraine, I put together that it was the florescent lighting ,which continues to be a huge trigger for me. I went right back on the amitriptyline, and that knocked them back. I could long go into the horror stories, like so violently throwing up that I broke the blood vessels in my face and it looked like I had been beaten up. Not to mention all the other times like driving, taking care of an infant , or hiding in a closet at work. Laying on the floor in the bathroom crying in the fetal position, Praying to God a loaded gun would fall from the sky so I could stop the pain. If I had to be thankful about one thing is that I do get an aura, that way I can get the medication in me when I need too and prepare. The Auras last about a half an hour and I can barely see it all.

My doctor said he never knew anybody over 55 that’s past menopause that gets migraines. I told him well you’re about to see it. Because they have not stopped.

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