Lifetime of Misery

My name is Jennifer and I have been suffering from Migraines since the age of 5. My mother would have to sit on top of me to give me suppositories for the nausea. My Migraines get so severe that I have been hospitalized more times then I can count.

A lot of people do not understand Migraines, they can’t see a problem on the outside so they don’t understand the problem on the inside. I have been fired from so many jobs because of my migraines. Migraines make it hard to deal with everyday living.

When I get a Migraine light hurts, sound hurts, moving hurts, when speaking, it gets hard to find words, I am sick to my stomach and start throwing up, any touch on my body (even water) is excruciating. I have blacked out from some of my Migraines and have temporarily gone blind on occasion.

I have been on so many medications, and even medications to take every day to prevent the Migraines. NOTHING seems to work or works and then stops working. I took Botox for several years and although they did not stop my Migraines it slowed them down and made them less severe. However even that stopped working.

Having Migraines since I was 5 I can say that I know a lot of my triggers, I do not know them all however. But I can tell you amino acid tryptophan in Turkey is a HUGE trigger, iodized salt, spicy foods, change in sleep patterns, stress, being in bright places for extended amounts of time, the flickering of the sun through the trees when driving, getting overheated, lifting large objects, and so many more things.

Migraines are hereditary. Both of my sons get Migraines, and my oldest has been getting them since he was 7.

I pray every day that they find a cure for Migraines. I wish everyone the best reading this and hope that you can figure out your body and find your triggers. But even avoiding triggers, I still get Migraines about 3 times a week. Some lasting several days and some lasting hours. And even after you conquer that nasty Migraine, it leaves you feeling drained for hours and days.

God Bless you all

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