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A Lifetime To Understand

My migraines probably started when I was 14, but I wasn’t actually diagnosed until I was in my 20s – after I had brain surgery for an unrelated tumor.

Then years later, I finally figured out that my migraines were tied to my periods. After more years, I figured out a way to control menstrual migraines with birth control pills. Now, I’m off birth control and heading toward menopause, but I finally have a wonderful neurologist who I work with.

But figuring out and managing migraines shouldn’t be a lifelong affair. I am happy to see so much more information and knowledge sharing for migraine sufferers today. That’s why I share my story with others in my writing and on social media. We shouldn’t have to suffer alone, because we are not!

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  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    12 months ago

    You are SO right! You are so NOT alone in this! Sharing stories & personal experiences can be a critical part to effective migraine management and I thank you greatly for your willingness to take a moment to share yours with us! I am so sorry that it took so long to get to the bottom & pin point what where your major triggers. How have things been going since you have been off birth control? I sure hope that as you begin to enter menopause that your frequency & duration will decrease. We’d love to continue to hear from you as these months & years pass to keep us updated on your progress! Wonderful hearing from you & take good care. Best, Joanna ( Team)

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