Living from prescription to prescription

Didn't have migraines before I got married and started a family. After my first child, the headaches started. Nothing stopped them. I managed to get through the pregnancies. The headaches didn't get better however.
Distinctly remember having excruciating periods, however, those were a result of endometriosis. This was the most painful condition for me at the time, being an autoimmune condition. This eventually lead me to have a complete hysterectomy at the tender age of 36. I needed two blood transfusions. I thought my dance with constant, severe pain would be over. I visit the ER 3-4 times a month for injections of anti-emetic and pain medications. I have a stockpile of nsaids that sometimes work. I cannot afford Botox. My topomax decreases how bad the nausea hits me, but doesn't do anything else for me. I'm trying Amitryiptilline. My family knows my speech is altered now, perhaps permanently, because of my migraine state. But, I am blessed. I am alive and with those who love me.

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