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Living with Migraines

Hi, my name is Andy and I have been diagnosed with migraine headaches. Starting when I was 14 years of age and living with them every day till now at the age of 49. I feel I have tried everything that I can to get help, however I feel the medical field is just not experienced enough to help me and millions of other sufferers.

The medications I take are topamax (which brings my headache from a level 10 to a level 7). Because it is still a level 7 every morning when I wake up, it is hard to function, so my doctors have tried multiple drugs which have failed until one doctor tried suboxone.

Suboxone seemed to work pretty good for about 8 months, however it only brought my pain level down to a level 3 and as I kept using it, it wasn’t as effective as it 1st was. My doctor then put me on percocet 3-4 times a day and that so far seems to be the most cost effective and I have only missed 2 days of work in the last 3months and I was missing 4-5 days a month. My headaches were so bad I went on FMLA thru my work to protect my job.

I have complained to every doctor that I have been to that I don’t think I have migraines. That my headaches are sinus related. The pressure around my eyes is intense and when I cough it hurts and the pain is usually around 1 side and behind 1 eye and the pressure is mostly at the top of my nose (but feels deep). I’ve had several MRI’s and cat scans and nothing that abnormal has been found, however I did have a doctor Church in Loma Linda do 3 surgeries on my nasal passages to try and clear them, and they didn’t work.

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Weather Changes
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So I am kind of giving up, however I saw this web site and I thought it was very interesting. I do have a lot of triggers also like sugar or chocolate gives me a headache in 5 minutes-full blown. When the weather changes it triggers a worse headache. And when I mean these triggers cause a worse headache, I mean even If I’m taking the pain meds.

Well, the only other thing I can think to tell you is that I’ve tried biofeedback for pain, acupuncture, acupressure, holistic doctors, multiple doctors. The last 2 doctors I talked with told me there is nothing else they can do for me. After I went to them and they made thousands of dollars off me and my insurance company and then they told me there is nothing else they could do. I ask if they could refer me to someone else and they could not. I was ready to give up. But I’m still here, taking pain pills I don’t want to take because they cause me acid refluxand I don’t want to be dependent on anything.

Thanks for listening. good luck-gotta go

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  • flmento
    8 years ago

    maybe you could try some homeopathic medicine. Not sure if it would help but no harm in trying right?

  • Debby Barlow
    8 years ago

    I take Fiorcet and if things are really bad migraine wise I take an Imitrex shot. Please don’t give up!

  • Sharon Gilman Moulton
    8 years ago

    Trust me-I get it.

  • Lisa King
    8 years ago

    I have not done this yet but I’m going to ask my family Dr. about a referral to a head and neck specialist. Andy, have you tried an allergist or ears, nose and throat? What about an eye Dr. too? I have lots to try yet. The neurologist just threw pills at me with out a scan of any sort. Maybe because he saw that its been done. My pain is head almost daily. It goes in streaks. I have jaw and ear, cheek pain daily. It feels like some thing is driving down into my ear. I am not working and just won my ssi appeal. Good luck and never give up hope! Hugs!

  • Deborah Wisehart Wilton
    8 years ago

    I haven’t suffered as long as you have, but I can slightly, and I mean slightly understand. Mine started at 30 and I’m now 40, actually they started a couple years before that, but became daily at 30. My doctor is having me come off pain medicine because she believes they are causing rebound headaches. I was terrified at first but I am doing better. I had to level off a two a day because of dental problems. We’ve gone over our medical this year, so I have to wait for Jan. 3rd to go see my dentist. I think mine are mixed with sinus as well but haven’t gotten much help there either. I had botox injections which helped some until my insurance decided to quit covering it. It seems we can never get ahead financially either. This site has been nice too. I’m noticing my triggers as well. Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Nice to know I’m not alone, but I sincerely hope you get better soon!

  • Bill Grabbe
    8 years ago

    Congrats on holding on to your job. My wife recently considered a one-day a week job as a receptionist and decided that it was more than she could handle. One thing we do that I don’t see in your story is supplements: Petadolex, Magnesium, and B vitamins. Best wishes for your journey.

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