Long Time Migraine Sufferer

I was very young when I had my first migraine. I think I got them from my mother - meaning, she gets them and so do I. I have used most medications, tried magnesium, cutting out chocolate, feverfew, mangosteen, etc. Imitrex seems to work the best for me. I get 10-15 migrianes per month. Our insurance just cut me to 3 tablets per month and I am looking for ways to deal with this.

What is my migraine experience now?

I was thrilled to find this site and hope to make friends and share ideas to help each other. I was also glad to find many professionals here too. I am now in my early 50s and hope a cure for migraine is found one day. My ex never had a headache in her life and had no idea what it was like. Only one of my three children gets migraines but they are not very one thank goodness.


Peter Whittam

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