Over-Looked Minority, Men with Migraine

I have suffered from almost daily migraines for the past 30 years. My headaches started after a head injury. As it turned out, they are only one of many symptoms in a very complex health care delivery situation for me.

I won't go into the all too familiar story of what my migraines are like, you have all heard them and my story could be a carbon copy of any number of stories out there. With one exception, I am a "man" that suffers from this debilitating condition.

It has been my experience that we are very much over-looked by the health care delivery system and media, particularly here in Canada where socialized health care delivery rules, and private clinics harder to find than a honest man in Parliament.

On more than one occasion, after my 6 minute appointment with my GP, I have had to wait more than a year to see a specialist. Regardless, I always show up at my appointment with a complete and accurate list of my history, medications and treatments that have been tried. Always optimistic that maybe there is something new in the way of treatment and prevention that I have not tried or heard of in the past 30 years.

Without fail, it is always the same tired routine from the health care delivery system, every Doctor I see assumes that the last guy has done all the appropriate tests and asked all the right questions. "There's no need for an MRI or lab work, if nothing sinister showed up in your test 10 years ago, there is no need to repeat them". Same tired old routine, "the only thing unusual about your case is your gender, and the fact that your headaches started from an injury"

Over the years my condition has cost me everything, my career, my family, my finances and even peace of mind that someday maybe I'll find, and have access to a Doctor that will actually take a man with migraines seriously.

Are there any other men out there that have experienced this level of frustration and incompetent handling by the health care delivery system? If so, I would sure like to read your story on Migraine.com.

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