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Looking for a little relief

I'm a 48 year old married mom of two teenagers with a full time job. I've had migraines since I was a teen, but they became bad enough in the last 10 years that I started seeing a neurologist.

I thought 2016 was the worst year I'd seen with migraines, but '17 is shaping up to surpass it. I've tried a variety of medicines & injections, as well as non-traditional therapies. Right now, I take topimax, Effexor, started progesterone about 6 wks ago, imitrex as needed, and can do up to 2 torodal shot per week at home. I've had 13 days of migraines out of the last 17. Needless to say, I'm not at work full time. This is the first year I'm afraid I may use all my FMLA hours before the year is out. I feel like an absolute lump, unable to participate in so much, it's depressing. I miss so much work (at a desk with 3 computer monitors) & so much family life - I love hockey & watching my kids play hockey, & missing their games, band & choir, etc. Time is slipping away & I'm missing the moments.

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My primary care doc is giving me a referral to either University of MN or Mayo. Think I'll go with Mayo Clinic, it's only 3 hour away & it's Mayo. Just want a little relief.

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