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Losing control.

When I was 7 years old I had an accident in a 4track. I hit my head so hard that I passed out for hours. Ever since that day I have had migraines and Epilepsy.

Usually when my migraine gets out of hand/control means an epilepsy attack is about to happen so I can’t risk having Migraines and not do nothing to stop it or prevent it as much as I can(I would love to say one day that I can prevent it and trust me I know my triggers (interrupting my sleep, being exposed to the sun for more than 1hour, certain smells in the morning or even my own smells some days) I have also identified when an attack is coming 7-8hrs prior) I totally loose control of my body and it completely ruins my plans every day. I say every day because even though I take 2meds for it and Excedrin Migraine (which has the same main ingredients as the Headache one)I still get it 2-3times a week.

I have 2 kids under 2 and sadly I can’t pause my life so when I get a migraine is like “toughen up and keep goin” at the end of the day my tough act (as most of us do thinking it will go away sometime) is not working and Im vomiting my guts. I cant hear, smell, feel or even see anything. I have a migraine right now so I wanted some “cyber support” I guess. I don’t wish this on anybody but Im glad Im not the only one.

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  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    I’m here to give you cyber support!! I have no idea how you do it- taking care of 2 small children while dealing with your illnesses. I hope you have a good support system at home, you deserve it!

    You mentioned taking meds to control your headaches. Have you tried any triptans? There are also several preventative migraine meds that are originally anti-epileptic meds, so there’s some crossover use there. I may be telling you things you already know, but my point is that if what you’re taking now isn’t giving you the relief you need, I encourage you to talk to your doctor again. There is always something else or combination of meds to try. Here’s an article by one of our doctors that discusses meds for both disorders:

    Keep fighting and searching. We’re here for you!

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