Some 35yrs ago I started with a headache, normally a couple of Paracetamol and it would go, but this headache has not stopped, it is there 24/7. Have tried every potion, pill and alternative medicine going. It took docs 20yrs to tell me I had Chronic Migraine, and it was a Neutologist in London that diagnosed me. The migraine is a 5 level all day, but will get worse, then its a 10, I sleep 4-5 hours a hight, it has effected my life so much, I can't read for more than 10mins, can't cry, but the common factors in a migraine don't affect me, eg, bright lights, need to sleep in a dark room, (my hubby suffers from migraines) The docs in London prescribed Topiramate, but just kept upping the dosage, after a while they stopped working, have now been told I have to live with it, as nothing has worked.


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