"I feel rude saying this, but maybe if you just lose some weight."

I was 10 years old when I got my first migraine, at that age, it was very scary to all of a sudden start seeing auras and lose the ability to see. I never saw a doctor for them as a child or teenager. Finally, in the last few years, I was able to see a doctor for them. I shouldn't say finally because it really hasn't gotten better. They prescribed me sumatriptan, which I can only take if I am at home since it makes me fall asleep. I finally asked if I could have a referral to a neurologist, in hopes that I may get some more insight into what was causing my migraines. I waited months to get in and when I finally did it was horrible. That is where I heard it was all because of my weight, and that I should just add 800 mg OTC medications on TOP of my sumatriptan.

I left that appointment crying, and with no more answers to my problems. I have been scared to go back, I started seeing a chiropractor which has helped some. But in the last month, my migraines and headaches have gotten worse, and I have a headache almost daily. I am feeling depressed and lost.

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