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“I feel rude saying this, but maybe if you just lose some weight.”

I was 10 years old when I got my first migraine, at that age, it was very scary to all of a sudden start seeing auras and lose the ability to see. I never saw a doctor for them as a child or teenager. Finally, in the last few years, I was able to see a doctor for them. I shouldn’t say finally because it really hasn’t gotten better. They prescribed me sumatriptan, which I can only take if I am at home since it makes me fall asleep. I finally asked if I could have a referral to a neurologist, in hopes that I may get some more insight into what was causing my migraines. I waited months to get in and when I finally did it was horrible. That is where I heard it was all because of my weight, and that I should just add 800 mg OTC medications on TOP of my sumatriptan.

I left that appointment crying, and with no more answers to my problems. I have been scared to go back, I started seeing a chiropractor which has helped some. But in the last month, my migraines and headaches have gotten worse, and I have a headache almost daily. I am feeling depressed and lost.

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  • Wimidwife
    3 months ago

    I am appalled, but not surprised. All I can say is what a bunch of BS!!!

  • Anne
    5 months ago

    I am so sorry. I have experienced patient shaming as well – it usually goes like this, “if you would just (fill in the blank), you probably wouldn’t have migraines.” I went to one neurologist who told me that I should have children and it might help me with my migraines! Please look for another neurologist and don’t stop until you find a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

  • deedeevee1
    6 months ago

    Hang in there hun!! Been there done that have the t-shirt too!! Lol. When I first became ill with chronic migraine disease I was referred to what I was told, was the best, Neuro, in the network. His name was on the practice, I thought finally I was going to get some answers and some much much needed relief.
    This man didn’t listen to a word I said, nor did he bother looking at any of my records. He simply looked me up and down and told me to lose weight and quit smoking. End of appointment. I wad shocked!!
    Sadly, there are a LOT OF TERRIBLE docs out there. BUT THERE ARE ALSO a lot of great ones. You have to shake this off and keep looking. And continue to look until you find one that’s going to listen to you and advocate for you and work WITH YOU towards your migraine reduction goals!!
    Chin up!! Stay strong!!

  • Allyson.Ellis moderator
    7 months ago

    Oh, wolvesatnight, my heart hurts for you. It is so disheartening to wait months for a neurologist appointment only to have your symptoms disregarded and explained away as being tied to your weight. You are not alone having had an experience like this. I thought this article might resonate with you:
    While there is evidence that weight gain can increase migraine severity (, people of all shapes and sizes suffer migraine. Given the length of time you have suffered migraine, your doctor’s unwillingness to dig deeper and offer you alternate treatment options is beyond frustrating. Is it an option for you to consider trying to see an alternate neurologist? I know how aggravating that feels having waited so long for this disappointing appointment. Please know we are always here to listen when you feel overwhelmed or need a safe space to vent living with migraine. In this community you are among those who understand. Keep us posted on how you are managing and what you decide comes next for you. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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