Lost days.

Severe pain and vomiting, flushed and pacing, unable to lay my head down because the pillow hurts. Lost days, many of them.

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Beautiful summer days, crisp clear autumn days, holidays, days and weeks of missed work and lost wages. And self reproach. If I was a stronger person I could work through the pain. I'm just not made of tough enough stuff, I'm lazy. It's hard to work though when you can't put together a coherent sentence. Something as simple as bending over to tie my shoes would leave me reeling and vomiting.

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Weather Changes
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Triggers: strong perfume, scented candles---those plug in scented oil things, bright lights, cigarette smoke, stress. Prodromal symptoms: mood swings, terrible rages, fatigue, food cravings, cognitive difficulties, clumsiness and confused speech. Recently had an MRI and the doctors found many lesions. Their only remark, "We usually don't see this sort of thing in someone so young." I pray my children don't have to suffer with this condition. Doctor has decided to try beta blockers. I hope it helps.

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