Lucidity whilst trying to sleep through an attack

The first thing that I want to do when I get those diamond solitaires dancing in font of my eyes is head for bed. I need to lay down in the dark. I am usually freezing cold, nauseous and have numbness in my limbs. All I can do is close my eyes, try to breathe deeply and concentrate on trying to get to sleep.

Sleep is my only chance of relief. Unfortunately I am one of those people for whom abortive meds do not work. Painkillers don't even scratch the surface. It is difficult but not impossible to get into a trance like state followed by sleep.

However the quality of sleep is not good nor is it refreshing. The migraine is still in charge of my brain. I am still aware that it is going on. Often I feel like I am out of my body, I have felt or dreamed that I am on the floor next to the bed trying to get into my body. In my dream/trance I try to get up but my legs just fold underneath me. Its like my brain is telling me that the migraine has taken over and my body must stay in this trance because it will not function properly whilst the migraine is still active. It is almost like lucid dreaming because I know I am having a migraine and I know I am asleep but I am willing my body to work. When I wake up I am exhausted.

Does anyone else experience this strange state of consciousness whilst trying to sleep through a migraine attack?

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