Migraines making me more emotional

I am increasingly frustrated by the fact that my migraines, which occur at least 4-6 times a month, have been making me so emotional. And by emotional I mean that I suddenly burst out crying. For instance, today, I called in sick at work. My mother is coming for a visit on Thursday (I live in Norway) so I have a lot to get done around the house before she comes. After taking it easy at home this morning I felt a little better. The throbbing had stopped so I get on with my life and start on the laundry, separating darks, white, delicates, etc. By the time I finish and come upstairs, my head is throbbing again and I'm in real pain. I call my husband to let him know what I've done today. I feel so guilty first, that I'm home from work, but to then NOT lift a finger at home when my mom's visit is this week......I just HAD to get something done around here. As I was talking to my husband (who is amazingly kind and supportive) I burst out crying. I hang up, and still can't stop. I just feel like such a loser.

Thoughts anyone?

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