This may be a cure for some of you, I hope!

I recently had an MRI because of my migraines, which luckily was normal. But, the new specialist put me on Vitamin B2 100mg. 4 tablets a day, along with Magnesium 250mg one a day. To my amazement I have not had one Migraine since I have been on this regimen of vitamins. I knock on wood every time I tell anyone about it, because I am so surprised, and I’m afraid if I say it out loud that they will come back.

Silly I know, but you guys know what I mean. When you’ve had migraines for so many years and then vitamins take care of the problem, you’re like “No way it could be that simple and natural”. I am so thankful to this new doctor and I wanted to pass it along to all of you. Good luck to you and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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