Mayo clinic - what should I expect?

I have had chronic daily headaches over persistent new daily headache for the past eight years. It started after having surgery where I had a tumor in my pituitary removed and I had us undiagnosed spinal leak for five days. I had it patched but I don't think they really patched it completely I was on disability for three months and return to work on different medications through the past eight years.

I have tried so many different medications and natural therapies including Topamax, antidepressants, Neurontin, blood patches, glue patches, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, physical therapy, massage, psychologists, occipital nerve injections, and now I'm now I decided to go to the mayo clinic to see Dr. Dodick in Phoenix Arizona.

I am scared because most treatments have made me worse. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect at the Mayo Clinic and if anyone had good results afterwards.

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

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