I am 17. I have had migraines for about 11 years. Just like every website says, I am sensitive to light and sound and smells and food. Which basically means almost anything can trigger a migraine, including stress. Of course, I have very high anxiety and stress levels. Just my luck, right? Well maybe I am crazy, but I also experience migraines almost everyday, all day. Sometimes they last weeks. I will fall asleep with a migraine and wake up with that same throbbing sensation, along with dizzy spells and heat flashes for eight days straight! I sometimes feel hopeless. More often than not. I sometimes wish they had found a tumor instead of nothing at all. I sometimes wish my migraines would kill me. Medication doesn't seem to work, and I've probably tried it all. I've tried threrapy but apparently I'm just a regular teenager. I feel like drilling a hole in my temples would release some sort of pressure that nobody can even begin to imagine. Will they last my entire life?

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