Me and the Migraine Monster

Ok, I had this really long story, but decided to condense a little. So here goes. I've been suffering from migraines on and off since I was 13. I've been to Neurologists, and even a headache specialist who refered me to a dentist. I'm blind, so it turns out that the spike that shows up on my EEG's is not abortive seizunderres like they first thought, but something due to the damage I suffered from being a premy. The dentist helped for a while, and I got a boake from about 1993 til last year. I still got headache, some of them bad, but then I decided to take this class to learn how to be assistive technology, which I had to drop because the migraines ramped up a few notches. I figured it was better to drop the course because the pain was killing me. Right now, I am on nortriptaline and fioraset. I also carry peppermint oil in my purse. But the nortriptaline messes with my memory and every three months it stops working, so we have to increase it. The scariest memory lapse was when I actually forgot my address. For about five seconds it was just gone. I some"ars forget words too, or how to do things I have done a hundred times. Not basics, but things I have to do when recording music. I want to stop taking the nortriptaline but don't want the severe migraines I had before. One of them actually laid me flat. I couldn't even move my head. This latest batch of migraine madness is different than my previous ones. One example is that when I shake my head, as if to get hair out of my eyes it's like ringing a bell with no sound, only pain which replaces the sound. I am very interested in how Marijuana helps migraines. I have smoked it in the past and personally, I find that I have success with some kinds and not so much with others. I also don't always have them in the same place. Sometimes they are in back and sometimes in front. Sometimes on left and sometimes right. Sometimes they travel. This frustrates doctors. Sex and peppermint oil can help for a short time. But the former has to be approached slowly. Massage also helps sometimes. I didn't used to have precursors, but now I do. These might include nausea or confusion. Having trouble with things that should be obvious and language trouble. I am diabetic, so the nausea thing can also be caused by that. Also foods didn't used to trigger migraines, but now I think maybe those rules have changed too. I need to experiment further to find out. Oh, I do not have a headache doctor here in Arkansas, so I am stuck with a neurologist. I am curently not smoking because I was getting too worried because it's not legal here, and I have kids. I dread the day when I have to have that talk with them. Ok, you know how the schools teach that all drugs are bad? Well sometimes Marijuana is good. I'm considering moving to Colorado. That's not even a subject I want to talk about. I will say that certain kinds of marijuana will relieve the pain instantly. So that's my story for now. I look forward to reading more tomorrow. Right now, I want to sleep.

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